I spent my summers in northeast Canada, traipsing through the woods collecting raspberries and strawberries in the pockets of an old apron and plucking tender fiddlehead ferns and spinach leaves from the dew-soaked earth.

When I'd arrive home each day with my bounty, my grandmother would have me clean, sort, and prep my harvest. As my many cousins ran around outside, I’d spend hours sitting by the stove learning how to make the most of these simple ingredients.


My grandmother was a frugal Scotswoman who know the value of a dollar and could stretch it farther than anyone I know. It was her use of pantry (both shelf and freezer) that enabled her to make an abundance of inexpensive and flavorful dinners for our large brood to enjoy.


After 25 years in the restaurant industry, I started STOCKED to help women get smart about how they both spend and save money at the grocery store. And as my sister so wisely says, it’s only savings if you hold on to it. I am here to liberate women from the save/spend cycle and help them get serious about making smart meals and investing what's left over.


I'm dedicated to making your every day meals taste great and your future taste even sweeter.


Kate Lacroix


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