• Kate Lacroix


Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I love this picture.

After much anticipation, I had been given some sourdough bread from my friend Nancy's new husband, John. He's an artisan by nature and really takes his bread making seriously.

I arrived to the fragrant smell of a curry being made and I walked around the house I had never been in before even though my close friend Lance had lived here six years earlier before dying of cancer.

As I walked around, I took everything in with reverence: the bookcase, the artwork, the freshly watered plants. I know Lance would be proud of Nancy's choice of mate and of how they were living their life.

After hugs and gratitude, I left with my bread and came home to defrost some potato leek soup I had batched in my freezer.

This picture captures how deliciously simple meals can be.



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