• Kate Lacroix


Updated: Mar 5, 2019

As I usher this new business into the world, the thing I want say more before launching into pantry and tips to make you hit your budget is time. Time: that slippery, bendy, elusive thing that always seems to be in such short supply. Almost all talk around maximizing your life gets down to harnessing time. Seven minute abs, 18 hour bras, 30 minute get the cultural gist.

But I think we have it all wrong.

To thrive in this world, we need nourishment...not just sustenance. Nourishment takes time and attention. And there is everything right about taking time and attention with your meals.* So, put on a comfy outfit, throw on a podcast or some tunes, and think of how much you love the people for whom you are preparing this meal.

As we take this journey together, I want you to take pride in your newly prepped pantry, feel gratitude for whatever kitchen you have, and really dig into this vital aspect of living.

And don't panic, I'll have you so organized, most of what you need will be at the ready.

*Spoiler: they may only take 30 minutes anyway.



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